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Step-by-step plan for forwarding your webshop order


Place your order at your desired webshop.


Have the order delivered to our address stating your name and destination.


Send a notification to Carib Intertrans with the order confirmation and invoice of the shipment(s).


After acceptance, Carib Intertrans takes care of the transport to the desired destination.


With a request for VAT refund, you can request the export document from us after you have received the confirmation of departure from us. – With this document you can report back to the supplier for a refund of the VAT.

Our address

Hertzstraat 10
2652 XX in Berkel en Rodenrijs
The Netherlands

Have you placed your order?

When your order has been placed, you can inform us via the booking form. Fill out the form so we can collect your goods.
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Forward online orders

Online orders can be delivered directly to Carib Intertrans. So if you also want to take new goods with you when you emigrate or if you live on one of the islands and you want to place an online order, you can contact Carib Intertrans. The step-by-step plan above ensures that your new goods are transported quickly and carefully.

If you want to buy goods from different suppliers, that’s no problem either. Please make sure that we are aware of the number of orders and with which suppliers so that we can collect them for you. Below you will find some suppliers who often deliver orders for customers to us.

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