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International removals

Planning on moving abroad? You can trust Carib Intertrans. An international move demands a lot of time and energy. Carib Intertrans will assist you in your preparations to move abroad. We offer a house-to-house moving service.

This means that we will help you pack and load your goods, we will take care of insurance and any required documents, and we will also unload and unpack all your goods when they reach their destination. You can also opt for individual parts of our service. Everything is possible! Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.

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Step-by-step plan for emigration

1You contact Carib Intertrans for a free quote.

2After agreement, we collect the goods, or when you have enough goods for a complete container, the container will be delivered to your address. To your preference, the furniture will be dismantled and packed seaworthy.

3We load your goods in the container, provide all documentation and inform you about the shipment.

4You fill in some documents.

5You will receive an invoice for the shipment, which must be paid before the shipment.

6The local agent at destination shall contact the recipient, so the delivery of the goods can proceed smoothly. All local costs will be paid at our local agent.

Emigrating abroad

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