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One of our most popular services is groupage shipping. With groupage shipping, goods belonging to multiple senders are sent all together in a 20-foot or 40-foot container, reducing the cost to you significantly. Our customers send many types of goods in this way, including packages, cars, household effects and pallets. Whatever kind of goods you need to ship, from small boxes to trucks and small boats, we can be of service. Ask for a no-obligation quote for the shipping of your goods or contact us to arrange an appointment to stop by.

Carib Intertrans regularly sends groupage containers to Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, St. Maarten and Surinam. The following departure dates apply for Aruba and Curaçao (these dates are subject to change! Always contact us to request the latest departure dates):

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Step-by-step plan for business customers:

1 You contact Caribintertrans for a free quote.

2You bring the goods to our warehouse or make an appointment to have the goods picked up.

3You fill in a few documents.

4You will receive an invoice from the shipment to the port, which must be paid for the shipment.

5We load your goods in the container, take care of the documentation and provide you with information about the shipment.

6The local agent at the destination is contacting the recipient so that the collection or delivery of the goods can proceed smoothly. You pay the local costs with this agent.

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