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Container shipping

Carib Intertrans has a great deal of experience in the shipping of containers to destinations across the globe. Shipping containers come in many forms, such as insulated containers, tank containers and open-top containers. There are also special designs such as platforms and collapsible containers. The most commonly used containers are the 20-foot and 40-foot containers. Approximately 30m3 of goods can fit into a 20-foot container and approximately 60m3 in a 40-foot container. Should you not have enough goods to fill a container completely, you can take advantage of our Groupage Shipping service..

As required, the container is either driven to the address of your choice to be loaded or it is loaded at our depot in Rotterdam. If you wish to transport a car from your home address, the container must be placed on the ground. You may choose to load the container yourself, or you may wish to call upon the assistance of our team. With the knowledge and experience that our employees have built up, they will have the container loaded swiftly and ready for departure. Carib Intertrans also takes care of all the relevant customs documentation. Always be sure to make a packing list of the goods to be shipped.You will find more tips here..

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