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Packing service

If you could use an extra pair of hands with the packing of your goods, Carib Intertrans would be happy to help. There are a number of different options available for the packing of your goods, such as moving boxes, cases, crates, newspaper, plastic, paper and bubble wrap. Our movers will provide a full service by dissasembling your furniture, packing you (fragile) personal belongings seaworthy and loading all the goods professionally in the container. We will ensure that all your goods are packed to be seaworthy.

Buy boxes

Do you want to transport your goods, but you don’t have the right material? It’s possible to buy boxes and packaging material at Carib Intertrans. We offer:

– 60 liter boxes
– 160 liter boxes (450 x 450 x 700 mm , white, dubble waved)
– Packaging foil (seal)
– Bubble wrap
– Tape

Carib Intertrans also offers a packing service to take the work off your hands. Carib Intertrans will handle the packing material, take apart the furniture and packs everything with great care.

You may of course pack your goods yourself. We have prepared a number of tips for you:

Start on time!
Pack a couple of boxes each day. Click here to download a checklist you can use for your move (only available in Dutch).

Work in a structured manner:
Pack each room separately and use different, labelled boxes for each room. This way, everything is together when you come to unpack.

Use strong moving boxes:
Not all boxes are suitable for the purpose of moving. The bottom of a moving box in particular must be very strong. For this reason, go with proper moving boxes that are made to support heavy contents. These boxes can be bought at CaribIntertrans or shops such as Paardekooper, Gamma and Praxis.

Label the boxes so that you know what is in them. This makes unpacking a lot easier.

Use stickers that don’t leave a residue. Some stickers can leave residues on your furniture, and some are very difficult to remove.

Packing list:
Customs requires that you make a list with the contents and the value of each numbered box or article.

Glass and crockery:
Wrap glassware, cups and plates separately in paper and put them in (small) boxes. Use clothes or towels for padding. The heaviest items (plates, for example) should preferably be placed at the bottom of the box. Place very fragile glass items (e.g., wine glasses) upright in the box. Indicate on the boxes that there are fragile items within.

Flammable and combustible goods:
Combustible fluids and aerosols may not be transported. Changes in temperature and pressure can cause leakage or even an explosion. Should you pack any such items and they cause damage to your goods or to individuals, you (and not the transporter) will be held accountable for this.

Mirrors and paintings:
Inform your mover of any valuable paintings. Pad mirrors, frames and paintings and place them on their side in heavy, suitable boxes.

Desk drawers and cabinets:
Do not place items in drawers or cabinets that may cause or incur damage, such as fragile objects or objects that can leak.

Lamps and lampshades:
Remove lightbulbs and lampshades. Roll up any loose cords. Use kitchen roll instead of newspaper for padding. Place such items upright in the box. Decorative buttons and suchlike should be taped to the side of the box in which the lampshade has been placed.

Tape medicine containers closed and put these in small boxes. If required, these should be kept with you throughout the journey.

Computers and electronic equipment:
Pack valuable electronic equipment using its original packing materials (if this has been retained). Otherwise use boxes filled with protective materials. Wrap a blanket or sheet around the object and place it in the box. Then add extra padding between the box and the electronic equipment. Pack cords separately – in a plastic bag, for example.

Remove any fuel from your tools (do not attempt to transport fuels!). Place your tools into small, sturdy boxes. Pack them separately if they are expensive.

Cars and motorbikes:
Petrol tanks of cars and motorbikes should be almost empty when being transported by container. Batteries must be disconnected.

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